You may have read last week on Pocket-lint that we were treated to a sneak preview of the Christmas edition of Cut the Rope (which is now live in the App Store) by the chaps at Chillingo, but that wasn't the only new game that we were given a peek of.

It's clear that Chillingo isn't going to rest on its laurels and sit back and soak up the rewards from smash hits like Angry Birds and the original Cut the Rope. Its co-manager Joe Wee told Pocket-lint that they are always planning for the next big title.

And it could well be one of the games that we were lucky enough to take a look at:

First up is the retro-futuristic Neon Battle HD in which can handle two players on one iPad, so you can play with your buddies. Or you go it alone in a incredibly rich and vibrant shooter title that pays homage to 1980s classics like Asteroids.

Neon Battle HD is iPad only, has Crystal integration for tracking your achievements and should hit the App Store this week.

Next is the crazy, but incredibly addictive, Sheeple Chase where you take the role of a sheep in a furious race, whilst protecting your apples from the evil pigs (what is it with pigs playing the enemy in recent games?).

You control the sheep using your iPhones accelerometer and you can even make your own tracks to race on. It's out in January 2011.

Back to some serious gaming now with The Witcher: Versus, which serious RPGers will already be familiar with.

Based on the popular Polish-based title, the iPhone / iPod touch version lets you jump right in to the stats based combat action, with challenges against real people from around the world on board. After you set your tactics, you can then watch the action, with some brilliant graphics on show which demonstrate just how far mobile gaming has come.

Out in January, The Witcher: Versus allows you to compete not only with fanboys, but browser and WAP players too.

Sky Combat is like the 8-bit classic 1942 on steroids. Not only can you shoot your way through with the AH-64 Apache Helicopter, you can also jump into a M1 Abrams Tank, or even a speed boat to take on the enemy as well.

chillingo previews its forthcoming ios games line up image 3

Another January release, Sky Combat also taps into the Crystal leaderboards, as well as offering up an "Endless" level for serious players.

The final title of note is TxT Fighter which is like Street Fighter II crossed with a word puzzle. Confused?

In this beat 'em up you'll still have to carry out combos and special moves to kill-off your opponents, but you won't be pulling off the actions with button taps - it's all about texting as fast as you can.

You'll see a choice of words, ranging in difficulty, above the fight and the quicker you can type, the more damage you cause your opponent.

There are six different fighters to choose from, and a "deep arcade story mode" too. Expect to see TxT Fighter land in the App Store this week.

Chillingo wouldn't confirm pricing with us but expect to see these titles range from 59p to around £4.99.

Our favourite? It has to be Sheeple Chase. Simple, silly fun - just like the huge Chillingo successes of the past.

Excited by the Chillingo line-up? Which title do you fancy the most? Let us know using the comments below.