As we approach the final throws of the 12 Days of Christmas on Pocket-lint, you’d better be hoping that you’ve got one or two gifts sorted. There ain’t much time or many suggestions left. Fortunately, we’ve saved a handful of the red-hot ideas till last, starting with today’s most original and impressive one which will suit both gamers and show offs alike.

As it happens, our 10th day of Christmas would go rather well with the 9th but it’ll work for anyone who uses a computer and likes things to be just so. So, without further ado...

12 days of christmas cyborg r a t 9 image 2
What is it?

Who’s it for?
PC gamer/anal person

How much is it?

Delivery speed?
Next day

It looks amazing

Mice, on the whole, are either pedestrian in design or basically novelty. Apart from that it’s really only a case of differing in size. The Cyborg R.A.T, however, looks completely mean. It’s the ultimate in mechanical crafting as peripherals go and it’s guaranteed to turn heads. Never before has anyone done that for a mouse.

You can adjust it to fit your hand perfectly

The R.A.T. comes with an alum key tool kit to adjust all of those shiny metal screws and joins, until every single plate and surface gently cradles your palm and fingers exactly where they fall. It becomes your mouse, made for you.

It’s got interchangeable palm and pinkie rests

On top of that, you can also change the surfaces altogether. There are a choice of three different types ranging in grip levels for whichever you find most comfortable and most useful. One has a soft finish, another with rubber inlay and one with a thicker wing-shaped design for more of a finger rest.

You can choose how heavy you want it to be

The R.A.T comes with a custom weight system of 5 x 6g weights that you can add or subtract from the case on the underside. This means that you can make sure that your mouse has the perfect feel that you like to have in your hand.

It’s wireless...

It actually comes with a new generation of wireless technology that uses twin eye laser sensors for measuring the movement on both axis separately. It tracks at 6m/second at 5600 dpi. That’s as good as it gets right now.

...and rechargeable...

One of the bugbears of wireless mice is that they run out of batteries. Fortunately, the R.A.T. works with Li-ion rechargeables, so that you never have to go down to the shops to buy more. To make things even easier, the wireless receiver for the mouse is also a charging dock and it’ll provide up to 9 hours of continuous play or 4 days of normal use off a single charge.  

...and it comes with a spare battery

What’s more, the R.A.T. even comes with a spare battery so that you can have one on charge in the dock while you’re using the other. So, in fact, that 9 hour continuous gaming actually becomes infinite continuous gaming - or at least until you die.

There’s virtually zero latency

The R.A.T 9 uses 2.4GHz wireless technology. Again, as good as it gets at the moment, the upshot is that there’s virtually no lag effect between action and effect. To be fair, there is a tiny bit but it works out at 1ms. We reckon your giftee can probably stomach that.

Or you can get a wired one

If you’d rather be a purest about all this and simply poo-poo the idea of a wireless mouse, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this mouse has a braided cable, wired version known as the Cyborg R.A.T 7. It’s even a bit cheaper.

It’s got 7 buttons on it

The person you give this to will be able to laugh in the face of all other computer users. While the mice of lesser mortals have two or three buttons at most, with maybe a scroll wheel if they’re lucky, the R.A.T comes with a total of 7, 5 of which are programmable.

It’s more accurate than other mice

Another of these famous buttons is known as Precision Aim Mode and is all dramatic coloured in red with a target on it. When you hold the button, it slows down the effects of any movements that you make so that you can smoothly and carefully hit the right spot without letting your shakey reactions and shredded nerves get in your way.

”It’s not a mouse. It’s a rat.”

Finally, this is the golden phrase your giftee will be able to say over and over again whenever they’re asked by a passer by what kind of mouse the Cyborg is. Trust us. It never gets old.

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