During the Angry Birds announcement today (10 December), Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka and the team wore new red Angry Birds hoodies that instantly became a must have item.

Thankfully, they're definitely on their way!

Vesterbacka announced that the hooded sweatshirts, sporting the face of the red bird, will be available to buy some time in the new year. However, he did stress that there's no specific release date for them or any other future merchandise, and urged fans to check out the plush toys that are currently on sale.

There was also no indication on whether there will be any other colours in the clothing range.

The announcement came as Vesterbacka launched the one-tap payment method for Android, Bad Piggy Bank, and revealed that Angry Birds has now been downloaded 50 million times since its launch a year ago; almost 1 million times per week.