Rovio has created its own in-game payment model for Angry Birds on Android. Named the Bad Piggy Bank, it allows gamers to either remove the advertising that comes with the free version of the game, or buy the forthcoming Mighty Eagle massive update that's coming soon.

The Bad Piggy Bank doesn't require the input of credit card details, and will download the purchase as soon as you tap the button, so it makes it very simple indeed. It then charges your in-game purchase to your mobile phone bill (although it's unsure at present whether it will work with pay-as-you-go).

It will also "be open to all other [Android] developers", according to the Mighty Eagle himself, Peter Vesterbacka. "We hope that everybody offers this kind of payment, user experience, to their customers".

"You don't need 27 brands of toothpaste, you just need one, and it has to be a good one", he adds.

"I'm not picking on Android particularly, but I think that the payment method up to now has been less than perfect".

The Bad Piggy Bank payment method is launching in Rovio's home nation of Finland first, with operator Elisa, and will roll-out globally in 2011 as deals are struck with local providers.

If you want it sooner, Vesterbacka advises that you should "call you operator and ask for it".

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