Pocket-lint sat down with Chillingo’s co-general managers Joe Wee and Chris Byatte recently, and we were treated to a sneak peak of an exciting free Christmas present coming to iPhone and iPad gamers - Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift.

The game is all set to go live in the App Store (it has been submitted by the publishers) and is a standalone title, with 25 new Christmas themed levels, which won't cost you a penny.

It's all about saying thanks to the fans say Chillingo. Lovely stuff eh?

As well as the new levels, there is also Christmas music, new achievements to unlock and a new mechanic which involves stockings and teleportation. We had a bash at one of the levels featuring this new addition, and it's a tricky new aspect to what is already a fantastic little game (tip - it's all about judging the speed).

Oh, and Om Nom wears some reindeer antlers - so he takes the cuteness up to 11.

The game should hit the App Store any day soon. Expect to see it featured in more depth in our App-vent Calender when it does.

Update: It's now live and in the App Store.