Can't wait for Angry Birds sequel? Can't even bear the delay until the Christmas edition lands?

If so, we've got a bit of good news as Rovio has announced that 15 more levels, in an episode entitled Ham 'Em High, will be included in an update due in the next few days.

And, it isn't just the inclusion of the new desert based levels that have got us all a flutter, for Rovio has also confirmed that the update brings with it the inclusion of The Mighty Eagle for the very first time.

Available as an in-app purchase, for 59p, the Mighty Eagle will help you when you get stuck on a level. You simply throw in a can of sardines and along comes the Eagle to save the day. A bit like Lord of The Rings, but with sardines. You can only use the Mighty Eagle's help once an hour mind.

The Mighty Eagle update also includes new gameplay goals such as trying to fill up the destruction gauge on levels that you've already completed.