Rovio has dropped the biggest hint yet that there will be a Christmas edition of Angry Birds, in much the same way as there was one for Halloween. And when added to other clues and exclusive insider information that Pocket-lint has been told, it is looking to be odds on.

In reply to a tweet from fan SkeenaNC, which asked "is there going to be a Christmas version of angry birds?", @roviomobile replied, "there will be new things for Christmas".

This is in addition to the fact that the Finnish company has recently changed its profile picture to a bird with a Santa Claus hat on. And, when we asked a similar question of one of the team at Rovio directly, we were told that we'll be told "more info about our plans for upcoming releases as soon as we have some stuff cleared and ready to be announced".

And if that doesn't include Angry Birds Christmas, on at least iPhone and iPad, we'll eat our cheap and flammable Xmas cracker hats.

UPDATE: Finnish website has just published a screenshot of the Christmas edition, which proves the game is coming, and Rovio has confirmed its validity.

The site also suggests that it will be out early next month, and as Rovio is to hold its first annual Angry Birds day on 11 December, we are pretty sure that it will be released on that day.

Rovio has admitted as much. In reply to Nintyplayer's query of "Will you do any updates/new games to celebrate this day?", the company stated, "yes. Will also share some of our plans for next year".

Ding dang do.

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