When most of us complete Angry Birds, we whoop, holler, and go onto Cut The Rope, probably. Shane "Das Chupa" Parker doesn't. He gets out his crayons and creates a masterpiece instead.

Titled Genus Aves Iratus, which, loosely translated means family of angry birds in Latin (it actually means "Birds of being angry with Family", but that's splitting hairs), the ornithological study of the various heroes of the game was drawn to celebrate Shane finishing the original edition. Just imagine what he would've done had he got three stars on each level.

That's unlikely though, as he explains on his blog, Zero Lives, "screw 3 stars, it was labor enough just finishing it!"

But, while he may not be coaxed into going back to the game, maybe he could be convinced to put his art on a wall poster instead. Like with the superb Angry Birds birthday cake previously featured on Pocket-lint, it would be a shame if it was a one-off.

And maybe, if we all left comments on his site, who knows?

Would you like Das Chupa's art as a poster? Let us know in the comments below...