There's not really much to say about this other than it looks incredible. Created by "aspiring cake artist" Anya Richardson, it is a real labour of love.

However, as Anya (@anyarizm) tells her followers on Twitter, it's likely to be a one off, even though she's had cash offers from eager fans: "I have 6 angry birds and 2 pigs. 4 more pigs, a nest, some eggs, and a slingshot to go. #whatwasithinking".

"Had someone ask how much $ to order the Angry Birds cake. It'd take a miracle for me to ever attempt to make that one again. lol".

In that case, we at Pocket-lint are hoping for a miracle, because it must be said that we've never seen anything better. It even trumps the plush toys, and that's saying something.

It really would be a huge shame to eat it though. What's the best before date for icing again?

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