Angry Birds has now passed the 10 million download mark on the App Store, and that's for the fully paid-for version of the hit game. The Android version has, to date, been downloaded over 2 million times, but it's offered for free.

If you add all of the paid and unpaid versions of the app together, across all platforms, it has now exceeded 30 million downloads worldwide. Putting that into perspective, Pocket Gamer suggests that beats the sales of both Michael Jackson's Bad and Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Additionally, the Halloween edition of the game has already surpassed 1 million downloads. Impressive figures indeed.

Now factor in the new plush toy range to ship in December, and the wallpapers and ringtones, and Rovio is basically sitting on a gold mine.

As much as Pocket-lint loves Angry Birds, and can see plenty of scope for sequels, we can't help but wonder how the developer is going to come up with the "next big thing". Or whether it will even bother trying, while its founders are sipping daiquiris in the Caribbean.

What do you think the next big thing will be? Or is it around already? Let us know in the comments below...

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