If you're struggling for ideas for what to wear to this weekend's Halloween parties, then why not do like the chaps over at the TheClockBlog, who have created home-made Angry Bird costumes?

So far, TheClockBlog guys have made costumes for both the red bird and the darting yellow bird, but their blog shows that they have plans for the exploding black bird and the blue bird as well (which would surely work best if you could get three little children to wear it).

full sized angry birds the best halloween costumes yet  image 2

Usually, gaming costumes are reserved for the likes of Mario, Zelda and the Master Chief, so this must therefore be a sign that Angry Birds has hit the big time (if the bazillion downloads didn't prove that already).

The costumes aren't on sale unfortunately, so if you want to go as one of the birds, you're gonna have to get your creative heads-on.

If you do put one together, be sure to send in your effort to us here at Pocket-lint - so we can laugh.

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