Another day, and yet another Angry Birds story.

It seems that Rovio's highly addictive game is intent on hogging the tech sphere in the same way it hogs the top spot in the app charts.

First up there was the Angry Birds Halloween edition, then the Angry Birds plush toys, and now Rovio has released some official wallpaper action for your iPhone and desktop to celebrate the Halloween launch.

With wallpapers designed for home and lock screens and 3GS friendly 480 x 320 versions, as well as iPhone 4-tastic 960 x 640 ones too, there's really no reason not to get them loaded up.

Unless you don't want to of course, there's no need to give in to peer pressure.

The wallpapers are all free. And there's also a 1920 x 1080 desktop version too.

Download them directly with these links:

iPhone 4 lock screen | iPhone 4 home screen | iPhone 3GS lock screen | iPhone 3GS home screen