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(Pocket-lint) - The world famous hobby of rope cutting has, in the past, often been associated with the rich and famous - a reserve of the powerful and something that the lower classes (outside of their usual manual labour) should not trifle with.

However, with the advent of the mobile phone application, this is now a thing of the past. No longer a pass time of the fortunate few, rope cutting has now opened up to the masses and nothing highlights this transition better than our app of the day.

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Cut the Rope for iPhone review

Cut the Rope for iPhone

Cut the Rope

  • Format: iPhone, iPod touch
  • Where: iTunes

A simple premise, though highly addictive, the aim of the game is to cut ropes in order to feed a rather sweet little creature called Om Nom, that you've been sent through the post. This little mite is rather fond of candy, and it's your job to feed it. 

app of the day cut the rope iphone image 2

Queue this incredibly addictive puzzler, which requires you to cut ropes at the right time in order that said candy is delivered in to Om Nom's mouth.

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The environments are split into Cardboard, Fabric, Foil, and Gift - the various containers in which you keep Om Nom - and gameplay involves navigating the sweet, that's initially hanging from a rope, through various obstacles and hazards.

There are stars to collect along the way, which will help to unlock future environments, but aren't necessary to complete each level. The developer, Chillingo, has struck the right balance between variety and playability and to our mind only a few of the levels seemed slightly out of place.

The real winner for this game though, is the excellent physics, which are spot on; great gameplay, nice visuals and an original take on tried and tested gaming elements make for a decent gaming experience.

Writing by Ben Crompton.