The latest iteration of the hideously successful Football Manager games series is to feature social networking within its bowels for the very first time.

Players will be able to post video clips of their matches, from within the engine directly to YouTube. And, considering that the match graphics have been vastly improved, including a new "TV camera" option, it could open a new craze for the massive community of armchair coaches.

The new camera angle itself is inspired by live broadcasts of games, and features a moving viewpoint, with zooming into action as appropriate. Sports Interactive, FM2011's developer, hopes that this will make the posted vids look more realistic - as well as the game experience, naturally.

Additionally, gamers can set the new version to post manual or automatic updates to their Twitter accounts, boasting about achievements made. And Steam users can transfer their achievements to a personal virtual manager’s office on the official Football Manager website ( as well as their Steam profiles.

The social network-enabled Football Manager 2011 is heading to PC and Mac on Bonfire Night (5 November), as is a handheld version for the Sony PSP.

Watch out for a review of full, in-depth review of Football Manager 2011 closer to the release date.

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