The long running Duke Nukem Forever saga seems to have finally ended with a few tweets and announcements from the PAX show over in Seattle, indicating that the title is finally set to see the light of day - more than 12 years after it was first announced.

The Duke Nukem Forever story is both long and tedious. The game was first announced by 3D Realms in April 1997, with a mid-1998 release date touted for the Duke Nukem 3D follow-up.

However, it's now 2010 and we've still not seen a launch for the title, despite numerous promos and details being released over the years - and 3D Realms went belly-up last year.

But, hopes have now been raised by 2K games who announced to the world via Twitter (where else?) that the game was back on, and then it demoed a version at PAX over the weekend.

Gearbox Software is on board to develop the title and Take-Two (of GTA fame) are set to be involved in its publishing.

"It's unbelievable, it kicks ass and it's totally going to happen", said Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software.

"The Gearbox Software team and I are ecstatic that we have grown to a position to be able to pick up and carry the torch and help Duke rise back to glory in his time of need", he added.

Scott Miller, 3D Realms co-founder said that Gearbox had been "handpicked as the new home for Duke Nukem".

It is thought that the title will be hitting the shops next year and should be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Unless there's another nasty twist in the tale that is.