The makers of Bravo's GameFace have announced that they will be launching a dedicated games channel on UK television in November.

Ginx, which currently has 24/7 channels in Turkey and Indonesia, will launch its UK channel via both cable and satellite; it was revealed at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival.

Its CEO Michiel Bakker stated that the channel would appeal to "light" gamers and it's understood that Ginx would focus on reviews initially with a move into more substantial programming such as celebrity based documentaries in the future.

There's also talk of HD and 3D gaming reports although Bakker was keen to point that the service would evolve depending on audience reaction.

Pocket-lint’s own news editor, Rik Henderson, was heavily involved in games television back in the 90s, working on successful shows such as Channel 4's Gamesmaster and Sky One’s Games World.

He was also a series producer on .TV (formerly The Computer Channel) and he has reservations that another entire channel dedicated to gaming and the like could work:

"While I applaud any effort to get games back on television, such as the attempt to revive Gamesmaster, which has since gone a bit quiet, having had experience of making games TV for a dedicated channel, I fear that, as we found, an entire channel is a step too far", he said.    

"Unfortunately, while it is possible to create enough content - reviews, news, game walkthroughs, cheats - to fill several hours of TV, it is a struggle finding enough of an audience to watch it. And, therefore, to get the vital advertising support.    

"Take my own daily .TV show, Game Over, for example; it had Andy Collins as the main presenter, myself and Matt Berry, now of the Mighty Boosh and The IT Crowd, as co-presenters, and it still, at times, failed to even rate in audience figures".    

"It seldom grabbed a viewership over 3000-5000, which is, unfortunately, not enough to secure any meaningful funding. And can’t, therefore, generate enough of a budget to create any kind of watchable television shows".

"It’s a catch-22. Ultimately, too, that just leads to cancellation and/or financial ruin".    

"I hope I’m wrong, as I’d love to see videogames come back to the UK’s screens in a meaningful fashion, but the focus needs to be on changing the opinions of commissioning editors on terrestrial television, rather than scrabbling around in niche areas".

"Videogaming, as an industry, is far bigger than that".

What do you guys think? Is Rik right - is a dedicated games channel a step too far, or has Ginx got the credentials to be a success? Give us a shout using the comments below.