The most common criticism of Microsoft's Kinect system is that, even though the technology is pretty revolutionary, it is basically a souped-up Wii without the remotes.

Pocket-lint has had its hands on Kinect a few times now, and tried out a number of games on the system, and can assure you that it is nothing of the sort - but launch titles such as Kinectimals and Kinect Sports do little to dispel the myth.

What Microsoft needs to do to in order to convince serious gamers to give Kinect a try is to release some big name titles for the system. And that's exactly what is set to happen if we're to believe what some of the Microsoft big cheeses over at Gamescom are saying.

Despite the official Microsoft line at the expo of talking up the launch titles, Kinect's creative director Kuda Tsunoda seemed excited by the prospect of some blockbuster titles hitting the system in the future. Referring to the Star Wars Kinect demo at E3 Tsunoda said:

"It had a cool 3D world navigation paradigm which I think is going to be super awesome, plus we have a bunch of other games coming down the pipeline.

"We will see some awesome games where you are able to move around the world in a fully natural and fully intuitive way.

"The Star Wars stuff that you saw at E3 was just the tip of the iceberg and we've got a lot more of those kind of games coming".

Tsunoda was keen to point out, however, that the term "core" in terms of gaming had taken on a new meaning in recent years. He referred to Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive as a core game of its time, but one that wouldn't be labelled as such now.

"People say core gamer as a term and yet people use that term in a lot of different ways", he said.

"I think lots of people think that core gamers are just people who like shooting people in games or people who like action, violent games".

"But I think to's more like people who like skill based gameplay or games with a lot of depth so that the longer you play the game the better you get at it.”

He stated that many of Kinect's launch games could therefore be classified as titles for core gamers.

An interesting titbit is that Tsunoda revealed that if he could choose any blockbuster title to jump aboard the Kinect revolution he'd go for Gears of War.

"I just think that would be such an awesome game to see some Kinect stuff in", he said. "They're such a talented team down at Epic, I'm sure they'd do something great with it".

When you consider that Tsunoda's previous gig was project lead on Gears of War 2, could it just be a case of loyalty - or does he know something we don't?

Our guess is firmly with the latter.

Pocket-lint will, of course, keep its ear to the ground and bring you all the latest Kinect news, including any updates on that possible Gears of War title.