When it comes to zombie video games, there's only really one publisher that springs to mind. Capcom has had incredible success with its Resident Evil franchise, and Dead Rising is soon to get a sequel (24 September in the UK) with the imaginatively titled Dead Rising 2.

So, when it heard that CURE (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality), the political party which fielded candidates in four constituencies during the last UK General Election was to form a gathering of up to 100 zombies outside the Houses of Parliament, it was eager to lend its support.

The zombie protesters, who campaign for equal rights for the living dead, will amass on Old Palace Yard, in Westminster, London, on 30 August - a UK Bank Holiday. And, thanks to Capcom, each and every one of them will receive a special T-shirt to mark the occasion. The best-dressed member of the undead will also go home with a brand new games console.

"It's going to be a great day to be undead", says Stacey Forsythe, spokesperson, Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality. "Our gathering will be loads of fun, and provide a real talking point in Westminster. We're hoping that the spectacle will bring smiles to those in the area on Bank Holiday - but also make people think about the undeadly serious issues which face zombies these days".

Leo Tan, Capcom, also has a strong message: "We feel very strongly that any hostile treatment they receive in our games is recognised as being entirely fictional - the undead are people too".

Anybody who wishes to attend the gathering must pre-register due to licensing and security regulations. Interested zombies have to email votecure@googlemail.com, and they will be sent instructions by reply.

Are you planning on zombie-ing up and joining the fun? Or do you think that zombies are crap - werewolves is where it's at? Let us know in the comments below...