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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has filed for an interesting patent that would see the Cupertino based giant introduce a comic book style history of your gaming endeavours.

The patent application contains the following paragraph:

"In accordance with one disclosed embodiment, data may be recorded from a videogame executed on an electronic device. The recorded data may include character information, dialogue from the videogame, and results and metrics reflecting the performance of the user in the videogame. The recorded data may be inserted into a narrative data structure having pregenerated text. In some embodiments, the recorded data may be used as the basis for selecting among a plurality of pregenerated text. A book, e-book, or comic book may be produced from the narrative data structure".

It's an intriguing idea that seems to take the trophy-based community offerings of current games consoles a step further by actually personalising and characterising your gameplay into a narrative, based on your choices and achievements.

Presumably you'd be able to share or print these records and compare your records with your friends.

The patent contains a series of screenshots that give an example of how the system might work using the game Mass Effect. The sketch gives details of the player's history along with personal data and a graphical representation.

It's not clear whether Apple would be using this tech on its own devices such as the iPad or the iPhone or whether it might licence it to console game developers. As Apple is trying to push iOS as a gaming platform then Pocket-lint would hazard a guess that it will be part of your iDevices' gaming in the future, rather than appearing on your Xbox or PS3.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.