The much anticipated FPS title "Rage" has been demonstrated running on an iPhone 4 at QuakeCon 2010.

Shown off by id Software's John Carmack, the game looks to be running nice and smooth as well as looking graphically very impressive.

Kotaku reports that the game can run at up to 60 frames per second and, apparently, is far superior to anything pushed out on previous generation consoles, such as the PS2 and Xbox. Using the id Tech 5 engine, the game should also run well on older iPhone 3GS models.

Portable gaming is increasingly becoming more phone orientated, and this is another example of how developers are turning to smartphones to carry serious titles, beyond the usual casual games.

Rage will be coming as an initial cut-down version on the iPhone, before the launch of the full-fat title next year.

Any serious gamers out there, let us know whether you can see yourself bashing the buttons of your smartphone as opposed to your main console at home.