So you've splashed out for the Float coffee table. Or maybe you've even knocked up a retro-style one like David Maloney's effort.

Trouble is, a cool coffee table needs a cool sofa to go with it, and you're not likely to find anything unique enough down at DFS.

What you need to do is design your own super-sofa like Igor Chalk did with his Space Invader Couch.

Formed of leather over a memory foam base, with a couple of glass surfaces on the arms, the sofa not only looks absolutely brilliant, Chalk also insists that it is comfy as well.

It could be the most uncomfortable sofa in the world for all we care. We're suckers for anything that oozes coolness like this.

Have you seen a sofa cooler than this? Let us know and you could see it gracing the pages of Pocket-lint.