Gamers could be about to see a barrage of official third party accessories for the PlayStation 3, PS2, and PSP thanks to a new initiative from Sony.

Similar to the "Made for iPod" sticker that iPod accessory makers slap over their products, Sony has said it will be running a program that lets manufacturers, for a fee, put an "Official Licensed Product" badge on their product.

Licensees who enter into an agreement with SCE through the "Logo Licensing Program" will be able to design their product using the PlayStation logos and or the iconic marks.  

Sony says the program is applicable to a variety of lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, house wares and more, with the system already boasting 123 items from 45 licensees.

What Sony PlayStation products would you like to see? T-shirts, boxer shorts, coffee mugs, or maybe just different controllers. Let us know in the comments below.