55 of the leading figures in the digital video market have joined forces to launch UltraViolet - the "revolutionary new approach to digital entertainment".

UltraViolet is being set up so people that buy digital video content are able to access their purchases from a digital locker and play it back on their various devices, whether that be PCs, internet enabled TVs, mobile devices or games consoles, without being tied to specific platforms.

Hollywood has been keen to set up an industry standard to cushion the blow as people move away from physical media such as DVDs. The only key players missing from UltraViolet's super group are Apple and Disney. It isn't known yet whether they intend to come aboard soon.

In the near future you can expect to see the UltraViolet logo on your digital downloads as well as DVDs and Blu-rays with the organisation saying it shows "that everything with the UltraViolet logo is designed to give consumers a consistent, easy and "just works" experience - no matter who makes it or where it’s purchased".

We're all for UltraViolet. The industry is rapidly evolving into a digitally based empire and it's about time consumers began to reap the benefits.

For more info, including UltraViolet's ambitious roadmap, visit the organisations' website.

UltraViolet's roadmap reads: