If there was ever a reason NOT to pre-order a game, it's this. US retailer GameStop is offering this, erm, hat as an incentive for gamers to order Sonic Colors, either in store or online, ahead of its 31 December 2010 launch date.

Exclusively available on the Nintendo consoles, Wii and DS, the Sega title mixes both 3D and classic 2D platforming action, as you must "collect and engage the new power-ups derived from the colored energy of the Wisps!" No, really.

And, if you're still confused or bewildered, here's the E3 trailer accompanied by a soundtrack probably made by the sort of person that would wear the free hat...

The UK version of the game will be titled "Sonic Colours" - see what they did there? And is available on pre-order from Game, without the free gubbins.

However, we're waiting for Sonic the Hedgefund Manager - a cunning blend of classic platform action and spread betting.

We may be waiting for some time.