Fifa president Sepp Blatter, who has been adamant in the past that goal line technology would not be coming to football whilst he is charge, has now admitted that Fifa need to reconsider its stance in light of what has happened at the World Cup, in particular Frank Lampard's non-goal against Germany in the second round.

Speaking at a media round table event Blatter admitted that Fifa had made mistakes "with the denial of the use of technology". He said:

"The principle will not be changed for this competition. But with what we have experienced here, it would be nonsense to not reopen the file on technology at the next business meeting of the IFAB on 20th and 21 July in Wales.

"It is an ongoing process at FIFA and on my personal agenda. In October-November we will present a new model on how to improve high-level refereeing".

The IFAB is the International Football Association Board which considers rule changes within the game.

Blatter also admitted that he had told the English FA that he was sorry that a refereeing mistake had cost its team a goal. There's no confirmation yet as to whether he said: "But you still would have got stuffed anyway". but we bet he did.