We've landed, have got our press pass and ready to cover the biggest gaming show on the planet.

Over the next 5 days Pocket-lint will be reporting live from Los Angeles at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (or E3 to you and me), bringing you the low down on the big announcements from not only Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, but everyone else as well.

When it comes to the big three, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to use the show as the official world premiere of the final finished version of its motion tracking Project Natal hardware for the Xbox 360 with a massive party on Sunday evening.

Who's providing the entertainment? Rather than opt for any old musician or film star, Microsoft has commissioned Cirque du Soleil to put on a show, presumably to show us what all that motion is about.

If that wasn't enough to woo the world's press, celebrities invited to the event and anyone else who's managed to bag an invite (don't worry we are heading over there to bring you what's what), then they've also got a second media briefing Monday morning where they've promised something even "bigger".

But Microsoft aren't the only ones here. Nintendo is expected on Tuesday to announce details of its new handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, a 3D version of its DSi, amongst other things.

Rumours already circling the Internet suggest that it will come with a bigger top screen, a 3D camera and the processing power of the Nintendo Wii - we will have to see.

Sony, meanwhile, are going to be pushing 3D gaming via the PS3, and its new Sony Playstation Move controller that is promising to take motion gaming one step beyond both the Wii and Microsoft's Project Natal.

Elsewhere there's all the big gaming companies like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft, and we've got the official launch of Rock Band 3 with a new piano instrument being introduced, Crysis 2, a new version of Driven, KillZone 3 (in 3D), Assassin Creed Brotherhood and of course more details on Call of Duty Black Ops, and that's just the stuff we currently know about.

Richard Branson is even in town to launch a new pay and play service from Virgin.

And as you wait for the action to kick off (only a couple of hours at the time of writing) why not check out the top 25 games you should be getting excited about.