Treasure hunting in Red Dead Redemption can be a tricky business, with picture clues scrawled on scraps of paper leaving many gamers scratching their heads. However, those turning to the Internet for clues can find themselves bombarded by malware through infected websites.

Searching for "Read Dead treasure map" on Google reveals a host of sites, all of which come with the warning "This site may harm your computer", and clicking on any of them is not advised. Additionally, the same sites can be found in other search engines, without the security message.

red dead redemption players targeted in malware scam image 2

Reporting on the anti-virus company's blog, Sunbelt Software’s senior threat researcher, Christopher Boyd, explains how these dodgy sites are trapping Red Dead fans into downloading malicious code: "Should the unwary user click into the middle link for example, they’ll find their browser minimises to a single prompt telling them their PC is 'infected'", he says. And when they hit OK, they'll download fake security software, opening them up to all manner of hurt.

Essentially, Boyd's advice is "be on your guard and keep your six shooters ready…" And we agree. The pesky varmints.