Sometimes the process of writing posts for Pocket-lint is an arduous task. Take this post for example. It's got 15 pictures included in it. That's 15 pictures that we have to carefully consider before including. That involves studying the pictures in great detail to make sure they're up to standard. Only after a lot, and for this story we mean a lot, of deliberation do we make the decision whether or not photos are included.

Sure, most of the pictures for this post are of lingerie-clad, beautiful women, but hey, we spend just as long when we're looking at pictures of hard drives or Freeview set top boxes. We promise.

The pics in question are of the No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle lingerie range that online retailer Bedtime Flirt has released. Yep, you read that right. A lingerie range for a Wii game which centres around trained assassins.

There's three different sets of lingerie, one for each of the three main female characters from the game - Sylvia, Shinobu and Naomi. As well as the lingerie range, there has also been a Facebook page set up for the girls. Facebook is awesome, in the real world girls who look like that would never be our friends.

"No More Heroes 2 is all about style," says Martin Defries, boss at Rising Star Games. "Designed by legendary creative director Suda 51, it's a game which effortlessly exudes cool - and we wanted to offer fans of the game the opportunity to replicate that cool in real life. The team at Bedtime Flirt has done a tremendous job in replicating the characters from the game - and we expect the range to to be hugely popular".

Bedtime Flirt designer Joanna Robinson said: "No More Heroes 2 is the only game which suits a lingerie collection. We've assembled a collection which is as stylish as the game, and will hopefully prove as fun. It'll be interesting to see which of the three characters proves to be the most popular".

The makers are claiming it's the first time that a lingerie collection has been released for a game. Surely, there's some Mario underwear out there somewhere though? We're looking at you Japan.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is out next Friday.