If you're a fan of guitar gaming, but you want to turn it up to 11, then the You Rock Guitar could be just the thing. It's a digital guitar, complete with 22 fret full scale neck, optimised fret spacing and six steel strings.

The You Rock Guitar has the ability, with a separately sold GameFlex cartridge, to hook up to your PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii and be used with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band titles. Instead of the coloured buttons that you usually use in the games, there are colour coded frets making for a more realistic gaming experience.

Next up is the You Rock mode, where beginners can play real music including solos and chords. Simply plug the You Rock Guitar into any amp, or even some headphones, and away you go. There's pre-loaded music loops and chord progression programmes to help you get the hang of it. Best thing is, if you balls it up, you just get an error sound rather than sounding like a doofus.

The final function, the standard guitar mode, lets you plug the guitar into your MP3 player or music system and play along with your favourite songs. There's a whammy bar too but sadly this has nothing to do with the tasty, sour, chewy bars from the 80s that would get stuck in your teeth for days. It's meant for pitch bending and can be used along with any of the 99 preset synths. 

The You Rock Guitar plugs into USB, so you can also use it with software like Reason, GarageBand or Cubase. It runs on batteries or via the USB connection and your tunes can be recorded directly onto the built in MIDI recorder.

It's out in June and will cost £199. The GameFlex cartridges to get it working with your console are £26.99 and you can even get a swanky bag to lug it around in for £34.99.