Here's some exciting news for subscribers and former subscribers of Blizzard's monster-hit MMO, World of Warcraft. The first videos of the forthcoming "Cataclysm" expansion have appeared, showing of the changes that are to be made to human capital Stormwind and the Orcish city Orgrimmar.

While Stormwind hasn't been significantly altered too much, with the exception of the area around the castle and the lake nearby, Orgrimmar has undergone a massive reinvention that will see former leader Thrall leaving the horde in the hands of one of his generals, who promptly makes some rather extravagant changes.

Cataclysm will tell the story of the dragon Deathwing, who represents the biggest threat to the world of Azeroth following the defeat of Arthas the Lich King. It'll see huge changes all across zones that haven't been changed in 5 years, as lava erupts across the world. The level cap is being raised to 85, and there'll be new professions, too.

Cataclysm is targeted at a release date around Christmas.