Available on iTunes' app store for £2.99, Padracer is a Super Sprint style top-down driving game for the iPad with a twist. The control of the game is via an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Up to four players can compete, with the app installed on each of their devices, and it works through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hook-up. The action is seen on the iPad itself, while the tilt controls in the handsets steer and acceleration is via a separate on screen button. That's it.

Version 2 will be more child-friendly - with easier controls - and we expect that this is only the start in a whole host of similarly controlled releases.

One word of warning though, the developer SMHK Funlab's home page has, what is meant to be, car racing noises that loop indefinitely and can't be turned off. They sound more like happy hour at a dysentery clinic, so it'd probably be best to avoid and skip straight to iTunes.