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(Pocket-lint) - Football Manager Handheld 2010 is making its way to the iPhone and the iPod touch, with the official announcement from Sega expected tomorrow.

If you are a fan of football management sims, but don't want to spend your evening perched in front of the computer, then Football Manager Handheld could be just the ticket.

Developed by Sports Interactive, Football Manager Handheld has been seen previously on the PSP, but now comes to the iPhone and iPod touch for the first time, meaning managers can direct their teams on the train, toilet, or wherever else takes your fancy.

You'll be able to manage any team across 34 leagues and 11 countries, from the major to the obscure. You'll have to get involved in the wheeling and dealing of the transfer market, you'll have to strengthen your squad and pick teams.

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You'll lead your team to glory, defining tactics, keeping pace with match day action and hopefully securing your place in club history.

Football Manager Handheld is compatible with all versions of the iPhone and iPod touch and will cost a mere £6.99 from the App Store.

We've managed to get our hands on a limited edition engraved Football Manager Handheld iPod touch. The engraving was done by RH Wilkins, the same people who engrave the FA Cup. There are 55 of these beauties floating around, so if you are a die hard fan, you know what to look out for.

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