How much of a fan of Asteroids are you? Enough to play for 3.5 days non-stop and in the process score the highest score of all time? Thought not, but that's exactly what John McAllister did.

The dude from Portland, Oregon spent a long weekend playing Asteroids to rack up a whopping 41,338,740 points, a new all-time high score, and in the process beat the previous high-score (41,336,440 by the way) that's stood for over 27 years (1982 for those struggling to do the maths).

Streamed over the high score still remains unofficial until it is recognised by the video game referees at Twin Galaxies.

How did he survive during the ordeal? Simple, it seems that every couple of hours McAllister had built up enough spare lives to grab a bathroom break and a sandwich. However Wired is reporting that in the final rush for the finishing line "A last-minute bathroom break Monday evening almost cost McAllister the title".

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