(Pocket-lint) - Yes, April Fools Day can be a bit of a pain if you're searching for some serious gadget news and are a little on the gullible side, but it's only around for half a day, one in every 365, so we may as well enjoy it while it's here.

We got ours out the way early in the shape of the App-e-ture app store from Nikon, Canon and Olympus but here for yours, ours and everyone's amusement are the rest of the best April Fool's stories from the Web. Enjoy.

The Family Slanket, Firebox

Ten armholes and even a little slot for the family dog - we've seen the single and double slankets, so a family sized one makes sense, right? Apparently available for £89.99 in all the usual colours as well as Faux Burberry, Burlap and Persian Rug.

TEXTp mode, YouTube

In order to save space what with everyone uploading all their vids at 1080p resolution, YouTube is cutting bandwidth costs with TEXTp only mode as an option available on all the clips they host. Of course they are.

The iCade, ThinkGeek

MAME emulator app and iPad combined with a mini professional-grade arcade cabinet to fit the desk and suddenly you've got the stuff dreams are made of - April Fool's dreams, sadly, or will this be the Tauntaun sleeping bag of 2010?

iPad Thermometer app, Adagio Teas

Yes, more iPad gags. We've a feeling there'll be a few today. This time is the turn of the iPad thermometer app. Perfect for balancing in for hot drink. Comes with Foursquare support and e-mail notification. Yeah.

Virgin Media Ferrets, Telegraph

Virgin Media's key to success, it seems, has been the good old British ferret. They attach microchips to the little jackets on these guys and send them down the tight tunnels to lay cables where ordinary men cannot. Love the sign.

4D TV: ScentVision, Toshiba

Toshiba is launching a TV this month with a scent projection technology. All you do is strap on a face mask underneath your 3D glasses and, hey presto, you can smell the jungle in those nature programs as well.

Message Scent, Mobile Marketing Magazine

Another fishy one here, but this time Google is working out a way of sending aromas via trapdoor protocols straight to your mobile phone. Perfect for luring people in with ads of freshly baked bread.

BBC iPad arrives, @Ruskin147

It seems Rory at the Beeb has been the first in the country to get his hands on the new Apple toy. It's a little larger then we remember but maybe this is as good as the tax-payer funded version gets.

Refs on Seqways, the Sun

It seems the likes of Aaron Lennon and Gabby Agbonlahor are just too quick these days, so the FA is trying out putting the men in black on wheels. It's unlikely groundskeepers will be pleased but at least we'll get some decent decisions.

The 'Pig Pad, Electric Pig

Who needs a boring old iPad when the Pig Pad comes with 4G, Q Wi-Fi, a 3D screen and an emotion sensor as well as a motion one. Oh, and it'll print out cardboard wedges to sort out wonky restaurant tables too. Very nice.

Toshiba TubeTop, Toshiba

Another one from Tosh here. This time it's an inflatable laptop that you can use in the bath, the pool or anywhere you like. All you do is hold down Ctrl + Alt+ P+U+M+P. Why didn't anyone think of this before?

iLax iPhone Virus

Sadly, we don't speak enough Japanese (?) to give you the full on this one, but you don't have to be a genius to work out what this iPhone virus does to your apps. Might be a nice way to get rid of all that novelty software. Invisible prizes for anyone who can tell us how it's spread. Bump, maybe?

Translate for animals, Google

There's a lot of impressive work going on at Google and this time the company has come up with an Android app in conjunction with the Bodleian Library. Now we can find out what all sorts of animals are saying as they bark, mew, grunt and cheep in our direction.

The iPad's an April Fool!, CNET

Apparently, they're all bonkers down in Cupertino and it seems the giant iPhone device called the iPad is just the latest in a long line of japes from the Apple boffins. It might not rank as highly as the time they took apart Phil Schiller's Prius and reconstructed it in his office, but it's a good 'un nonetheless.

Ironius, Art Lebedev

Why bother with a separate iron and coffee mug when you can combine the two. It's obviously the perfect way to wake up and get ready in the morning, so long as you don't slop the brown stuff all over your nice clean shirt, that is.

Pad Dock, IWOOT

If your budget can't stretch to an entirely new device this week, then just buy the Pad Dock. Slip your iPhone into the back and allow the screen to magnify all your e-mails, web browsings and apps. You know, like the iPhone, just a bit bigger.

N900 Helicopter App, Tweakker

We know the Nokia N900 has a cult following but if people really knew it could control a chopper with just 3G and accelerometer, it'd have mainstream success in moments. Do you think it works on helicopters you don't actually own?

Ben & Jerry's Ice Screen, via TechCrunch

More interactive UIs seem to be as big a theme this Fools Day as the iPad. This time it's Ben & Jerry encouraging us to lick our monitors to taste their ice cream. There's got to be someone out there with screen fluff in mouth.

N-Gage take 3, Mobile Entertainment

Like some boxer with iron legs but beaten to a pulp, the word this time is that Nokia is bringing back N-Gage once again in the form of the N-Gage HD, in order to take on the iPad. The best of the games coming exclusively for the platform is Grand Theft Auto: Helsinki.

Wave Notifications, Google Wave

It can be tricky working out when somebody's added some info to a Wave chat, so Google has come up with something far better than a desktop notification - a real live notification from someone coming over to wave at you. Quite a nice idea if it were possible.

Google to go nuclear, TechCrunch

The next step for the internet giant is, of course, to start powering itself on uranium isotope fuel. It makes perfect sense - that and as an interesting statement to China.

New Coffee Sizes, Starbucks

Okay, so it's not strictly technology, but it's the stuff that powers the developers and engineers out there. The story goes that Starbucks has listened to its customers and come up with two new sizes of cup - Micra and Plenta. Which are you?

LHC II: Circle Line, Independent

It seems TFL has done a deal with Cern that will see a second Large Hadron Collider fire up into action on the London Underground network. The Circle line will be used to fire another beam of protons around while providing an interesting spectacle for commuters at the same time. Makes sense really. Expect Tube fares to go up nonetheless in January. 

The TV Conspiracy, Hulu

Of course, if you want to do April Fools with an enormous budget, then make a completely over-produced but really good 10-minute video on how TV is actually a conspiracy and have it hosted by "Alec Baldwin". One of the best of the day.

Razor Venom, Razer

Mice are one thing, but peripherals are no good at keeping you awake for 100-hour gaming marathons - at least, they weren't until the Razor Venom intravenous sack arrived. If you can't handle that, it can be breathed as a green gas through a nebulizer - contains oxymialterxin and doctixilin, so it must be good.

Aromatography, Kodak

What's missing from your favourite pictures? The chance to smell them of course. Kodak's crack team of R and D dudes claims they've worked out how to use the sensor to capture the smell of the photo be it baked goods, flowers or a wet mutt.

Two-headed Ogre, WoW

Word has it there's a new race of character in town and it's Horde only. Meet the two-headed ogre which is controlled by two random live players simultaneously, each with one head and one arm to operate.


So what are the killer gags you've seen this 1 April? Let us know in the comments.

Writing by Dan Sung.