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(Pocket-lint) - Future Week here on Pocket-lint has brought you information and speculation on what we could be expecting to find in a whole range of gadgety scenarios in 2015. That's all well and good, but what about the here and now? If your parents popped over to visit, or your neighbours came round for afternoon tea, how would you convince them you were already living in the future? We had a look through the Pocket-lint reviews archive to find some choice products, without costing you the earth.

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1

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Fujifilm were so far ahead of the game, many people came back and said the camera was pointless. Fast-forward to present day and everyone and their dog is yapping about 3D, with launches coming left right and centre for 3D products. Remember, the W1 is first generation technology, but Fujifilm were here first. Check out our review for all the details.


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Inductive charging isn't especially new, but we've seen a growth in products offering this technology. Simply change the battery or cover, plonk it on the mat and bam! You are charging. There is also the Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre, GEAR4's PowerPad for your iPhone, Wildcharge or the Exspect system for your Xbox or Wii controllers. Which ever suits your needs, ditching your wired chargers will at least clean the place up a bit.


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The web savvy are now used to the idea of snapping away with their mobile phones and uploading pics to Facebook on the fly. Why not wow at your next dinner party with Eye-Fi? You can set it to upload straight to a number of sharing sites using your Wi-Fi connection - you simply snap the pictures and they are out there. You can then ditch your mobile and use your DSLR, so you have pictures worth seeing.

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Google Street View

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Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you're probably well aware of Street View, not least for the controversy it caused. But it earns its place in this list for its brilliance. Yes, it might lead burglars to your front door, but being able to use the compass on your mobile phone to auto-rotate Google Street View is spectacular. Try showing your old man the front door of his local pub. He can't help but be impressed. Alternatively take a look at Layar's augmented reality - why not search for somewhere to eat and have it overlaid on the screen as you wave your mobile about?


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We've saved the last spot for a little bit of home automation. Yes, Bathomatic will let you automate your bath, setting the temperature and depth, with the option of presets, so you can have one for you, one for the kids and so on. There is even an iPhone app, so you can control it from the sofa and draw a bath to your exact requirements. Home automation is a strong theme in depictions of the future and you can rest assured that home automation will make it to the Apple iPad. Companies like Crestron have confirmed that their iPhone solution will work on the larger device and many are tipping the iPad to be the foundation of a new wave of home automation.

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