With the iPad due to go on sale on Saturday 3 April in the US, and the UK launch not far behind, Pocket-lint has got a new iPad-esque navigation system in preparation.

From today you'll now see two arrows either side of our content (expand your browser out on the screen or use control minus if you can't see them) that allow you to swipe through to the next news story or review we've written.

You can swipe your way backwards and forwards through all the stories we've written on the site to your hearts content.

We believe it's a really quick way to experience Pocket-lint without having to move your cursor or finger around the page too much and lets you grasp the day's, week's, month's, or even year's news all just a couple of presses away.

For news, wherever you are, it will take you to the next or previous story within our database of over 32,000 articles over the last 7 years.

For reviews, likewise, it will take you to the next review that we wrote at the time be it a digital camera, the latest mobile phone or anything else for that matter to the 4500 reviews we've filed over the years.

And because our stories are always on one page rather than spilt into multiple pages, all you have to do once you find a story that interests you is scroll down the page to read more.