(Pocket-lint) - Welcome to Future Week on Pocket-lint. The clocks may have gone on an hour this month but we're going to wind them even further forward because, over for the next 5 days, we'll be bringing you a huge, and we mean huge, series of articles on what life will be like in the year 2015. Why? Well, it's all Hollywood's fault really.

Now that the calendars have ticked over a new decade and landed us in the 2010s, suddenly we find ourselves within spitting distance of when films like Blade Runner, Robocop, Fortress, The Running Man, 6th Day, Rollerball and The Island were all set.

Most importantly of all though, for us gadget heads, it puts us just 5 years away from the flying cars and hoverboards promised to us by Robert Zemeckis and Back To The Future II. Scary huh?

So, how accurate are these fictional futures going to turn out to be? Will we be rehydrating pizzas? Will we be wearing self-drying clothes and will games where you use your hands really just be the preserve of baby toys?

Find out over the next few days as we lay down features on Augmented Reality, robots, gadgets of the future, super-fast internet speeds, cars, materials of 2015 and much, much more - all informed by a huge panel of futurologists and industry experts.

Stay tuned and enjoy.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.