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(Pocket-lint) - We are 100% confident that there will be new gadgets, gizmos, phones, cameras and technology that we haven't even begin to think of that will be coming out between now and 2015, but we also know that a good product is hard to stop in its tracks.

Here we predict what the latest version of the Kindle, the DSLR camera, the Apple iPhone, the Xbox 360 and your HD TV will look like in the year 2015.

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The Kindle

It's incredibly early days for Amazon's Kindle and ebook readers in general, with the technology and devices only really starting to show what is possible. Thanks to technologies like Mirasol from Qualcomm it's already feasible to see that ebook readers will go colour and will feature moving images within the next couple of years.

While the eReader is already under threat from devices like the Apple iPad and Microsoft's Courier, we still believe there will be a place for reading content via an electronic format that won't burn your eyes in 5 years time.

Our concept here shows a flexible Mirasol display that is pulled from a tube. There are multimedia controls on the tube casing and an info display so you can see what you are reading. A hand-grip on the right hand side lets you hold the epaper steady and a button on the control tube, when pressed, makes the paper rigid for one-handed operation.

The Kindle as we believe it will look in 2015.

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The iPhone

If Apple continues to launch a new iPhone every year until 2015 we will be on our 9th generation model by then, but you shouldn't let that worry you because we don't think it will actually have changed that much.

Yes, it will have a faster processor, more storage space, and probably more memory; so it can do things a lot quicker as well as multitask, but Apple's design is so simple and refined that we think, head of design, Jonathan Ive will have a hard job improving on what he has already done.

Expect that screen to get a boost to AMOLED at some point, but with so many devices like speakers and car chargers, changing the core shape of the iPhone is going to be hard in the future.

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The Television

The TV is about to experience its biggest change over the last 50 years, as it fights to remain in control of your living room and the media you consume in your house. Just like in Back to the Future II and already touted by Toshiba with its Cell TV, the TV of 2015 will feature the ability to show multiple streams at once, be super thin as standard and have a webcam built in for video calling via Skype or similar services.

As people's urge to have a clutter-free house continues, speakers will be placed behind the screen that deliver as good a sound as a sound bar released in 2010.

3D capabilities will be standard, although you will still need to wear glasses.

The biggest change, however, will be in the remote control, which will double as an electronic programme guide so you can call up more information on the show you are watching, get recommendations as to what your friends are watching and tweet about it to.

Connected to the Internet you'll be able to get a plethora of apps to let you do a host of things like see the latest weather in your area and letting you see what your favourite celebrities are watching, so you can watch it virtually with them too. 

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The Xbox 360

With technology getting smaller the need to have such a big games console under your TV will have disappeared by 2015. Games will have gone download only thanks to faster broadband speeds and that means the need for a DVD or Blu-ray drive will have gone.

With those design restrictions out of the way Microsoft's console will look like a cross between its soon-to-be-released Project Natal bolt on and the console of today.

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The main focus will be the camera, automatically built into the design, and there will be a series of status lights to let you know what's going on.

It won't have gone completely controller free and the device will still only support four controllers.

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The DSLR camera

It won't, of course, be a Digital SLR in the sense that it has a mirror and a single reflex lens, but it will be the top of the range offering for taking pictures and have a quality better than what is achievable with today's models.

Because of the lack of film, the need for a square camera will have been ditched giving us a pistol grip style device that looks like a speed camera.

Coming with Wi-Fi and DLNA as standard, so you can connect to the cloud when in a Wi-Fi hotspot, images will be automatically uploaded to services like Flickr without you having to worry about SD cards.

It will still come with changeable lenses and the ability to shoot Full HD video will be standard on all models.

A move towards in art effects first popularized by Olympus will also be more apparent with some manufactures creating an app store to let you download different imaging effects like making your camera look like its an old film model.


What do you think these gadgets of the future will be like? Have we got it completely wrong or are we spot on? We would love to know what you think in the comments below.

Graphic illustrations by Tony Garrett

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Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.