A coder called Bret Camper has built an 8-bit map of New York City and put it online for people to explore in a Google Maps-esque style. He says that it's an attempt to "make the city feel foreign yet familiar".

It's been created using a custom rendering engine that takes in data from OpenStreetMap and converts it into a lo-fi approximation of the maps that were seen on the NES or the Commodore 64. You can zoom in for greater detail, or zoom out to get an idea of where the parks and other districts are. You can also search for particular places.

He's planning to expand to 15 more locations, having raised more than $3000 to fund the project. Among those will be San Francisco, LA, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, London and Paris, but the other 7 will be selected by people who have contributed cash to the project - including Austin, New Orleans, Detroit, Nijmegen in the Netherlands and Akihabara in Japan.