Nanopoint has expanded its KeySonic range of keyboards with a new model - the gaming-focused KSK-6001UELX. It's got both anti-ghosting tech and backlighting for playing in darkened rooms.

The anti-ghosting technology allows you the ability to press up to eight keys down at the same time. It's not a patch on Microsoft's 26-at-once, but it's not bad compared to a normal keyboard's 3. The company offers the example of a racing game that requires you to accelerate, steer, change gear, drift and apply boosts all at the same time.

There's also backlighting, provided by blue LEDs behind the keyboard - you can't change the colour, unfortunately. Those keys have a "soft-touch" membrane which promises silent, soft keystrokes, and a decent amount of tactile feedback.

The KSK-6001UELX is available now, and it costs £30. For a gaming keyboard on a tight budget, that sounds reasonable.