Beatles drummer and kids TV voice-over artist Ringo Starr has admitted that he's "crap" at Beatles: Rock Band. The legendary skinsman made the admission to Jimmy Fallon on his "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" show on US TV.

"I'm absolutely crap at it. We tried it when they were putting it together and they'd bring all these geniuses out to play it. It's too frantic for me". He added, "The graphics are great, I love the game and I love the music. But it's for young folk".

Included with the premium edition of the game are a set of customized drums that come with a black oyster pearl finish and Ludwig branding, similar to the kit that Ringo favoured in the 60s. It also has a big kick drum skin with the band's logo on it, though it's purely for aesthetics - the kick pedal works just like in the other Rock Band drum kits.

Ringo, of course, was left-handed, but used a right-handed drum kit. If he was able to get good at that, surely he must be able to crack Helter Skelter on Expert for the "I've got blisters on my fingers!" achievement. Still, at least he's played it, unlike other former Beatles...