Gambridge is a US company trying to turn the legions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band fans around the world into real guitarists. The company has created a guitar controller that you can use to play Rock Band with, but which actually has real strings.

Once you've shredded your way through "Through The Fire And Flames" enough times on Guitar Hero, you can then switch the device into its midi controller mode and hook it up to a PC to use to control any kind of synth that you like - including a real guitar.

There's a number of different versions, some of which resemble real guitars more than others, but all have a series of frets that will generate the same tones as a normal guitar. Once you've got far enough with that, then you finally go pick up a cheap Stratocaster and form a band.

We were told there's UK distribution for the devices when they launch, but that pricing hadn't yet been decided. When we hear more about the company's plans to bring the device to Europe, we'll be sure to let you know.