At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mad Catz has made a move into general-use mice and keyboards, but hasn't forgotten its gaming heritage, also launching the Cyborg RAT mouse.

The device offers a ridiculous degree of customisation options, coming with an allen key that slots into the base of the mouse for adjusting the different parts of the device to precisely fit your hand.

You can pick matte or contoured options for your palm, thumb and little finger, or there's also an option to have a flanged rest for either finger. Every point of contact with your hand can be modified to suit you, however monstrous your claws may be.

It has a 5600 dpi laser, and comes in wired and wireless variants. The wireless one comes with two batteries - one to use, and one to charge, which you then swap over when they run out of juice.

It'll be arriving later in 2010 - prices and a more exact release date are yet to be confirmed.