The way you game could soon change with the launch of new tech that claims to offer an intuitive, full 3D control experience.

Cambridge Consultants has announced the launch of "Suma", describing it as a "uniquely intuitive yet very low-cost squeezable user-interface technology that creates a whole new way of interacting with computers".  

A Suma-based device is like a traditional gaming controller with the normal case replaced by a "Suma skin".  

"Our hands are extraordinary instruments for control and communication", explains Duncan Smith, head of consumer product development at Cambridge Consultants.  

"By capturing that complexity, Suma enables product developers in a range of industries to greatly enhance the experience of their users, adding multidimensional interaction to both existing and new applications".

The good news is that adding Suma tech to an average controller will cost less than $1, meaning it may be an attractive option for companies to add to their products to try and differentiate their offerings in an increasingly competitive market.