Derby is in serious danger of seeing a road named after buxom computer game character Lara Croft.

Residents of Derby are currently being called to vote on a name for a new inner ring road - a result of a £36 million project - due to open in 2010.

Eight shortlisted names have been drawn up, one of which, to honour then Derby-based Tomb Raider creators, Core Design, is "Lara Croft Way".

Others include Mercian Way, Griffon Way and Merlin Way or roads named after footballer Steve Bloomer, astronomer John Flamsteed or engineer George Sorocold.

The BBC quotes councillor Lucy Care, cabinet member for planning and transportation at Derby City Council, as saying:

"I hope that when people vote for their preferred names they think about which names people will enjoy using for many years to come, and which will help make Derby a more memorable place for visitors".