A new iPhone app has launched that offers a "fun approach" to getting people to consider just how much booze they are sloshing down their gullets at this time of year.

As the title would suggest "You Booze, You Looze" warns of the health and wealth dangers over indulging during the festive season could bring.

The social app helps users keep tabs on what they drink, how much the drinks are costing and the number of calories consumed with the option to set up individual profiles for a number of users.

The short-term effects of drinking are highlighted with You Booze, You Looze mini-games and sobriety tests that measure co-ordination levels, concentration, balance and reaction times.

Should you want to share the results of the tests, or your drinking stats, then the app offers Facebook link-up and a Twitter stream.

The app is the first to be launched from Channel 4's 4iP stable and is supported by The Digital Media IP Fund, in partnership with Scottish Enterprise and the Creative Scotland Innovation Fund.

It's available now on the iPhone App Store for 59p. Cheers!