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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching and that should mean you'll be able to grab yourself some great discounts on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One games, accessories and more.

The Amazon Prime Day sales occur each summer, with the latest to take place across 12-13 July, so it's worth keeping an eye out for some bargain offers even on the build-up.

Here's everything you need to know about the Xbox deals to expect on Prime Day 2022.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 has been confirmed for 12-13 July.

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The Prime Day sales are complementary to retailer's Black Friday sales and give Amazon the opportunity to move on stock in a mid-year sale and give you the chance to grab a bargain.

What Xbox deals can I expect on Prime Day?

Amazon tends to have great gaming deals across the board, especially on gaming headsets and the games themselves. We don't think there will be many console bundle offers though, considering the Xbox One is all but discontinued and there have been stock shortages for the Xbox Series X since its launch.

Xbox Series S has been readily available, but is already atrractively priced.

Perhaps the best deal for many will be on Xbox Game Pass, which is generally discounted for Prime Day. We'll keep you informed.

Do I need to be a Prime member?

Amazon Prime Day is exclusive to Prime members, which means you will need to either be a paid member of Amazon Prime or sign up for a free trial for the Prime Day period.

There's a 30-day trial for new subscribers and you can cancel before the first payment is due. Many don't though as the benefits of full memberships are plenty - free delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and more.


Best US Xbox deals | Best UK Xbox deals

Best Amazon Prime Day US Xbox deals last year

Xbox games and accessories work across both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S so there were plenty of bargains to be had last year regardless of your console. Hopefully you will find similar deals this year too.

Xbox accessories

• Bengoo G9000 stereo gaming headset - save 30%, now $19.99: This wired gaming headset lights up. View this offer right here

• HyperX CloudX Flight wireless headset - save 25%, now $119.99: Officially licensed for Xbox and has a detachable noise cancelling mic. View this headset offer

• WD_Black P10 4TB game drive - save 16%, now $108.95: A whopping 4TB of external hard drive space will store 100s of games. See this deal

Xbox games and Game Pass

Here are some of the best game deals we've found so far. Remember, Xbox One games work on Xbox Series X/S too - often with enhancements.

• Kingdom Hearts III - now just $11.99: The Disney/Square Enix crossover is now available with a healthy discount.View this offer

• Balan Wonderworld - save 50%, now $29.99: The latest platformer from the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog. View the Balan Wonderworld deal

• Ghost Recon Breakpoint digital code  - save 75%, now $16.99: An amazing discount on Ubisoft's open world shooter. View this deal here

• The Division 2 Warlords of New York Ultimate - save 70%, now $24: This comes with The Division 2 and the Warlords of New York expansion. See the Division 2 deal

Best Amazon Prime Day UK Xbox deals last year

Although there were no Xbox console bundles on offer last year, these were the best accessories and games deals we found. We'll update with new UK deals closer the time.

Xbox One console bundles

Sadly, there didn't seem to be any Xbox One console bundles deals.

Xbox accessories

Thanks to backward compatibility, all Xbox One accessories also work on Xbox Series X/S.

• Xbox One wireless controller (Robot White) - save 10%, now £49.99: The latest Xbox Series X/S controller also works with Xbox One. See this Xbox One controller deal

• Thrustmaster Eswap X Pro controller - save 22%, now £131.99: An Esports-standard, modular wired controller for hardcore gamers. View this deal here

• Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2 + B&O Portal headset - save 18%, now £500:Get the brand-new premium Bang & Olufsen headset and the Elite 2 controller with a huge discount. See the Bang & Olufsen deal here

• Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 wireless headset - save 15%, now £109.99: This headset will directly link to your Xbox console wirelessly. View this headset offer

• Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 white wireless headset - save 6%, now £67.99:This wireless headset comes in white and works across Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. See the Turtle  Beach headset deal here

• Turtle Beach Recon 70 gaming headset - save 31%, now £19.50: Available in blue camo. View this deal here

• LucidSound LS15X wireless headset - save 30%, now £69.99: Officially licensed for Xbox. View this headset offer

• WD_Black P10 5TB game drive - save 28%, now £96.99: Mammoth amount of etermal storage that will work across Xbox consoles.See this offer

• WD_Black P10 2TB game drive - save 33%, now £59.99:2TB will hold a lot of Xbox One games. View this WD_Black deal

Xbox games

There are some great deals on games. Remember, Xbox One games work across both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S - some have enhancements for the newer machines too.

• Cyberpunk 2077 - save 22%, now £23.98: After numerous patches and upgrades, there's never been a better time to try out Cyberpunk 2077.View this offer

• Assassin's Creed Valhalla - now £29.48: Debatably the best Assassin's Creed yet. View the AC Valhalla deal

• Marvel's Avengers  - save 30%, now £21.99: Square Enix's ever-evolving Avengers games comes with a free Series X/S upgrade. View this deal here

• Watch Dogs Legion - save 62%, now £21.99: Set in London, Watch Dogs Legion works across Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. See the Watch Dogs Legion deal here

• Immortals Fenyx Rising - save 18%, now £20.49: A big open-world adventure from the minds of Assassin's Creed. View this deal

• Balan Wonderworld  - save 62%, now £18.99: The creator of Sonic The Hedgehog is back with a new platformer. See the Balan Wonderworld deal

• Outriders - save 35%, now £35.99: This recently released action shooter is now available with a major discount. View the Outriders deal

• UFC 4 - save 57%, now £25.99: Get inside the octagon with the superlative-laden fighting game. View this deal here

Amazon Prime Day 2022 quick links

Below are quick links straight to our Amazon Prime Day deals pages, just in case you're looking for something that we haven't covered. 

Writing by Rik Henderson.