Best RPGs for Xbox Series X and S 2022: Stunning role-playing games

The best writing we've ever come across in a videogame, bar none. (image credit: ZA/UM)
This is one of gaming's great sagas, with a truly epic story told on a massive scale. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
Valhalla has a massive map to explore and so much to do while you're at it. (image credit: Ubisoft)
A touching story plays at the heart of Tales of Arise. (image credit: Bandai Namco)
This zany game has so much to offer and is a great turn-based RPG. (image credit: Sega)
One of the best open-world RPGs ever crafted, with so much to do. (image credit: CD Projekt RED / The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)