Best shooters for Xbox Series X and S 2022: Top shooting games

Halo is back on top form thanks to the superb campaign offered up by Infinite. (image credit: Xbox / 343 Industries)
A terrifying game that's also totally thrilling and has action set-pieces to spare. (image credit: Capcom)
A stealth shooter that will have you marvelling at just how complicated its levels are. (image credit: IO Interactive / Square Enix)
The best Sniper Elite yet is brilliant on Xbox. (image credit: Rebellion)
A great shooter that also blends in some crazy action options. (image credit: Remedy)
A quick and brutal shooter that will have you learning some complex skills. (image credit: Bethesda / id Software)
A great multiplayer shooter that rewards tactics and teamplay above all else. (image credit: Ubisoft)
This huge game offers up a massive island to explore and liberate. (image credit: Ubisoft)
The cover-shooter star is back with a great fifth entry that reboots things a little. (image credit: Xbox)
A tense game that builds on the Metro formula with some smart changes. (image credit: Deep Silver)