Best platformers on Xbox One 2022: The top platforming games

A wonderful, eerie journey below ground. (image credit: Team Cherry)
Climb a mountain while learning about yourself. (image credit: Matt Makes Games)
A wonderful way to rediscover some gaming classics (image credit: Activision)
An excellent retro platformer that has some great modern touches. (image credit: Yacht Club Games)
A twisted tale that gets more and more crazy as it goes on. (image credit: Playdead)
A great roguelike game that will have you coming back for more. (image credit: Motion Twin)
A gaming mascot comes back to the fore in this charming platformer. (image credit: Ubisoft)
Dig down into the crust of the earth, forging your own paths. (image credit: Image & Form)
A brilliant journey that looks simply stunning. (image credit: Moon Studios)
One for the true masochists, finishing Cuphead represents a crazy achievement. (image credit: Studio MDHR)